In 2004 two of the youngest musicians on the local blues scene met in the Turin underground jam sessions: the harmonica player and singer Andrea “Boris” Borasco and guitarist Joele “Joe” Musso. Boris writes the songs while Joe puts the riffs on it. Thus, begins the story of a project that sees over the years collaboration with numerous artists from the Turin area and beyond, including jam sessions, radio and TV show and obviously numerous gigs.

From 2013 the band takes its current form, which consolidates so much that it pushes its elements to choose the name “Fratelli Tabasco” (Tabasco brothers in Italian) to make clear their link in the spicy and explosive blues they made. Simone Tabasco on drums and percussions and Marco Tabasco on bass complete, perfectly define and refine their sound. Then began a long tour of concerts through northern Italy, with which they offer a rich line-up of original pieces and convince the public and critics by inflaming, receiving important positive reviews from the radio and press of the sector. In 2015 they released the live album “Docks Dora Session” but in 2017, during a series of new releases of what would have been their second work “Louder Than Before” they are forced to stop due to legal problems with the copyright of the word “tabasco”.

After several months away from the scene without ceasing to produce new material, in the autumn of 2018 the band is back as BOOGIE BOMBERS. At this point you have in front of you one of the most solid and explosive sounds, born from the blues and grown over the years with love, anger, passion and everything you need to get to the heart of the listener. Someone said it would be a crime not to share something so powerful and the Boogie Bombers are here for that. To tell about our time and the stories of which it is made, to let you dance on it or to free yourself from your daily blues bombing them with the right rhythm.

Boris Tabasco – voice and harmonica
Marco Tabasco – bass

Joe Tabasco – guitar
Simone Tabasco – drums and percussion